What to check at the stage of searching for an apartment before renting it

If you choose an apartment yourself

When looking for an apartment through a specialized ad site or a group on social networks, you run the risk of facing scammers. In order not to fall for their tricks, you need to pay attention to several important points.

1. Average cost of renting an apartment according to your criteria

Too “sweet” ads are often fake. Spacious studio with modern renovation in the very center of the city a minute walk from the metro and for a penny? A very dubious proposal.

2. Request to transfer the prepayment to the card

This point often follows from the previous one. You call on the ad you like, they tell you that there are a lot of people who want it, and then they ask you to transfer at least a few thousand so that the apartment remains with you. Don’t be fooled by this: you just spoke to a scammer.

3. Authenticity / presence of photographs of the apartment

To make sure the information from the ad is correct, check the photographs of the apartment for authenticity. This can be done, for example, through a Google image search.

If one and the same apartment is posted on several rental sites, it’s not a big deal. It’s another matter when the photos are walking on the Internet, and the description, the address of the apartment and the contact person change dramatically from time to time.

4. Frequency of ad placement

It happens that the same apartment rental ad appears and disappears with enviable frequency. Two weeks ago, the apartment was rented, then it was rented, and a month later it again hangs in the current one. And so in a circle.

Of course, it may not be about the owner, but about the tenants. Well, a person has no luck for tenants, and that’s it. Nevertheless, the often flashing ads are alarming.

If you contact a realtor

Realtors can make your life easier and help you find your dream apartment. Or they can be pretty nerve-racking, emptying your wallet, or wasting your time. Here’s when to watch out.

1. The realtor cannot name the company of which he is now an employee or where he worked before

If the realtor claims to be on the staff of the agency, you can contact the company directly and clarify this.

If the realtor is a private entrepreneur, in any case, he must tell you at least a few companies in which he worked before. If you have difficulty with this, you may be in front of a scammer.

2. The realtor is not interested in who and in what composition will live in the apartment

Almost every owner at least roughly represents who he sees as a tenant, and notifies the realtor about this. If during a conversation you are not asked about the number of tenants, the presence of animals and constant work, this is a bell.

3. The realtor is not an expert in his field

It is difficult to imagine that a realtor does not know how to write a receipt for receiving money or fill out a rental agreement. And if you still do not know, then this is not a realtor.

4. You are asked to pay the commission before signing the contract

The realtor receives a commission only after the conclusion of the transaction. If you are required to pay in advance, do not give in and do not transfer funds.

5. The realtor only deals with one apartment

Usually, a realtor has several objects at work. It is suspicious when a specialist devotes all his time to only one apartment. Try typing your phone number into your browser’s search bar and see how many ads they give you.

6. The realtor introduces himself as an employee of the news agency

You are offered to drive up to the office, conclude an agreement and get access to the owner database after paying the commission.

The realtor will not go with you to inspect the apartment and meet with the owner, but if it works out to someone from the received database, then after a preliminary agreement on the meeting, the landlord will cancel everything at the last moment.

In this case, you will not be able to return the money, because you signed an agreement on the provision of information services.

Author biography: Jimmy Jenkins has been handling rental issues for about 3 years. He currently works as a writer for Write An Essay For Me. Jimmy has extensive experience in rental sphere and is willing to share it with others.