Rental Rates In Western And Central Massachusetts

Greetings To ALL,

 When conducting research on some areas of the state of Mass, the *Rentometer* tool returns no results due to lack of information for certain areas (Gardner for example). Are there any plans to update the site in the future? (I realize that you are working with a massive data-set). Thanks for reading.

Hello Steve,

Thank you for your question in regards to rent data in Gardner, MA. Our data coverage is national. Our volume of data is proportional to the volume of rentals in any given market. Urban areas and metropolitan centers tend to have more data because there is greater rental activity and density. Suburban and rural areas tend to have less data because there is less rental activity and rentals are dispersed over a larger area. Please let me know if you have any further questions when examining your next rental analysis.


Got it - Thanks for your reply.