Eviction moratorium in New Jersey

NJ and many other states in the northeast have imposed eviction moratoriums and allow tenants to take back their security deposits to use as rent and they don’t have to pay that back for months after the moratorium is lifted. Phil Murphy the man from Goldman Sachs bought the governor’s office and has no concern for landlords who must support nonpaying tenants, and pay property taxes, insurance and water bills, and maintain the rentals. That might be fair play at Goldman Sachs, but not in the real word of people living pay check to pay check. Murphy extended the moratorium every 30 days for the past 11 months now and will keep doing it. The landlord tenant court has a backlog of 50,000 + cases (not opened but Phil will take the filing fees) and it would be higher if landlords wanted to toss away the $70 filing fee. Murphy has put landlords out of business; why would any landlord rent now when the tenant can stop paying rent and take back his/her security . Several tenants owe me 10 months rent. How is this fair? Has any landlords sued? Any advice.